changes, trying

oddmethod is a project I started because I needed something for myself. It’s my baby, one that I get to design to my tastes.

I’ve started selling jewelry under this moniker, and just the other day I thought to expand to vintage clothing and housewares as well. I hope you all enjoy this new venture.

Some life updates to explain my absence in writings:
I’ve started school again. This is taking up most of my time.
I’ve also started playing with a lovely band.
As I’ve already explained, I’ve started selling some things.
Lastly, and most importantly, I am trying to maintain relationships. I may not be the best and doing so, but it’s worth it to me to try every chance I get.

From here on out, I’ll do my best to post regularly. Unfortunately, other things tend to require my attention, but I will make a stronger effort to keep up with this blog. I plan on making some entries on some make up as well as some features on the things that I’m selling. As with all things (in my case, school/band/selling/relationships) I can only try.


impulsive, incessant

I’ve wondered; are there really groups of friends out there? Handfuls of people who go to each others’ homes and do something (or nothing)? I’ve experienced such a phenomenon with individuals, but never more than a few people at a time, and never people who are as close with each other as they are to me: In other words, they’re only there because I asked them to be and they obliged.

I’ve been considering it recently because lately I’ve been feeling so isolated. My attempts to see my friends are all in vain. Connections I thought were strong are fading. As I know too well, relationships of any sort require maintenance and care. Leave them too long and they wither away. With them, I tend to wither, too.

It’s not my intention to make my friends feel bad. I understand that we are all individual people dealing with our own shit on our own time, and the failure to see each other is sometimes due to nothing more than a logistical clusterfuck.

But when everyone is busy, or, in my most juvenile way of thinking, “ignoring me”, I begin to question if the issue isn’t actually just me. It seems I haven’t outgrown insecurity.

Said insecurity has me checking my phone impulsively and incessantly. It’s definitely not healthy, and I’m hardly proud to admit it. My phone lights up and my stomach flutters that someone has finally replied(!), but 50% of the time my eyes have fooled me, and 49% of the time it’s another fucking pinterest email. And, sometimes my boyfriend or mom will text me. (Thank you. I love you.)

I don’t mind being alone, but feeling lonely fucks me up.

TONYMOLY egg pore blackhead steam balm

I won’t deny that I have a small obsession over eggs. Something about them gets to me.
So when I went to Sephora the other day and saw this:

egg pore packaging

I just about died. It’s a mask, that comes in an egg. I was already sold.

it's a fucking egg

It’s supposed to be a pore cleansing type of thing: perfect for product build up or a post-work/work-out facial cleanse.

The information on the box leaves much to be desired. Literally, it says “It removes sebum and dead skin cells that clog pores.” Okay. It goes on to list the ingredients (there’s egg in it!), then the instructions read, “Apply an appropriate amount onto areas with blackheads and gently massage for 3 to 5 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.” So that’s what I did.

yolk included

After washing, but not moisturizing my face, I applied less than a pea-sized amount of balm onto a few portions of my t-zone. A little goes a long way with this product. I noticed as I was massaging my face that it felt warm, in a really pleasant way. The box didn’t tell me about this, and I definitely enjoyed it, but I would have appreciated the heads up because I was a little confused (“Am I rubbing so hard that my face is hot??”). It’s also got a light lemon-y scent and little exfoliants that made me feel like it was getting to werk. I’m so into that instant gratification.

Post-massage: My face felt perfectly balanced and tightened (not in that gross dry-feeling way). No excess oil, but also not drained of moisture, like other cleansing masks tend to do. That in itself makes me want to give it a giant A+. However, while my pores were definitely cleaner, they were also seemingly larger. I’m not sure I like that, but I’m also not sure if they just seem larger because they’re much more clean? I don’t know. Considering the perfect balance my skin achieved, I’m willing to let that slide, I guess.

A few things to note: I have mostly dry skin, but it leans toward combination skin. As mentioned, my face was already washed, and I did this mask before doing anything that day, so it was essentially already your average clean.

Overall, I dig this product. I spent $18 on it, and considering how little of the product I used, I’d say it’s definitely worth the cost. I was most impressed with how perfectly moisturized my face was after using it, but considering it made my pores seem large, I’d give it a solid B+.

I would like to make an update to this review when I’ve used it after a shift as a cook at a pizza place. SO much flour on my face, it’s no fucking joke. That would be the real test.

I happened to stumble upon this product at Sephora. Heads up though, there were only a few there and online would be a sure bet to get your hands on it. I also found it for a dollar less at Urban Outfitters.

Let me know if you’ve used this product, and what your thoughts are! Find me on twitter @tooths_.


It’s hard to pin descriptors on something not static, or I’d give a nice little “about me.” Those have always been tough for me. And honestly, I’ve never been comfortable sharing my writings. To sum things up: I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing, but I’m going for it?

I’m currently taking a hiatus from school, going back next semester bearing many mixed feelings. I decided to take this tame to try new things, but halfway through this non-semester, I’m just working and eating and doing too much shopping; things I’ve always done.

I’ve always felt much more accomplished when there’s something tangible to show for what I’ve done. Here’s my (somewhat) tangible something.