changes, trying

oddmethod is a project I started because I needed something for myself. It’s my baby, one that I get to design to my tastes.

I’ve started selling jewelry under this moniker, and just the other day I thought to expand to vintage clothing and housewares as well. I hope you all enjoy this new venture.

Some life updates to explain my absence in writings:
I’ve started school again. This is taking up most of my time.
I’ve also started playing with a lovely band.
As I’ve already explained, I’ve started selling some things.
Lastly, and most importantly, I am trying to maintain relationships. I may not be the best and doing so, but it’s worth it to me to try every chance I get.

From here on out, I’ll do my best to post regularly. Unfortunately, other things tend to require my attention, but I will make a stronger effort to keep up with this blog. I plan on making some entries on some make up as well as some features on the things that I’m selling. As with all things (in my case, school/band/selling/relationships) I can only try.


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